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Commission on Legal Pluralism


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Legal pluralism panels at the Global Meeting of Law & Society, Lisbon 2022

We are pleased to announce that there will be twelve panels on legal pluralism at Lisbon 2022 covering a range of themes:

  • The role of women in traditional and minority governance structures in southern Africa and elsewhere
  • Theoretical and empirical perspectives on legal pluralism
  • Adaptive legal pluralism in post-colonial states
  • Contestation and dispossession of space: a legal pluralistic inquiry
  • Legal pluralism in war-torn societies
  • Experiencing migration, navigating legal pluralism
  • Human dramas at the intersection of secular and religious law
  • PluriLand I & II: theorizing conflict and contestation in plural land regimes
  • Legal pluralism as a means to promote international development projects
  • Decolonizing the normative power of technology and materiality in postcolonial plural legal settings
  • Managing legal pluralism: processes, driving forces and effects
  • Indigenous rights being transformed
  • Nature, rights and the law
Further details of the legal pluralism panels at Lisbon 2022 are available here.
Commission on Legal Pluralism

Commission on Legal Pluralism

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