Call for papers for legal pluralism panels at LSA conference, Lisbon, Portugal 13-16 July 2022

We are gearing up to have quite a few legal pluralism panels at the upcoming Law and Society Association Conference in Lisbon.

If you are interested in presenting a paper in one of the legal pluralism panels listed below:

Panel 1 – Indigenous rights being transformed
Panel 2 – Adaptive legal pluralism in post-colonial states
Panel 3 – Legal pluralism as a means to promote international development projects
Panel 4 – Legal pluralism in war-torn societies
Panel 5 – Complexity and legal pluralism: an important future relationship?
Panel 6 – Managing legal pluralism: processes, driving forces and effects
Panel 7 – Law and nature: the recognition of rights of nature revisited
Panel 8 – Decolonizing the normative power of technology and materiality in postcolonial plural legal settings
Panel 9 – The role of women in traditional and minority governance structures in South Africa and elsewhere

Please send the conference committee before 30 October 2021
-    A short abstract of your paper (N.B. max 2000 characters, not words).
-    Indicate the panel you’d like to join (a full list of panel abstracts is available here List of proposed legal pluralism panels for Lisbon 2022).
-    Please note that some panels are online while others are on site in Lisbon. Panels cannot be held in a hybrid form, with some presenters in Lisbon and others online.

Please note that the process this year consists of three steps:
-    Step 1: You send in an abstract before 30 October, which will be sorted into panels by the conference committee of the Commission on Legal Pluralism in consultation with the panel organizers.
-    Step 2: You will hear back from us at the latest by 4 November.
-    Step 3: Both panel organizers and all paper presenters then need to register themselves at the LSA conference (at and pay their registration fees. Panel organizers should select ‘submit a session’ (and sessions have a max of 850 characters!); paper presenters should select ‘submit an abstract’ (max 2000 characters). Registrations have a hard deadline of 10 November. Each person should select CRN 48 – Legal pluralism at the bottom of the submission page. The Commission cannot help you with registration, nor do we have any say in financial matters for this conference.

If you are interested in presenting a legal pluralism-related paper that does not fit any of these panels:

No problem, just submit your paper proposal to the LSA (at and select CRN 48 – Legal pluralism at the bottom of the submission page. All these paper proposals will still come to us, as we are also the organizers of this CRN (Collaborative Research Network). This will allow us to group them into panels at that stage. Deadline is 10 November, don’t miss it!

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